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Our History

Where it all Started

Our journey with Michelin began over 30 years ago, back then when we were pioneering the market with the best tire products.

With Michelin’s tyre technology we are glad to have pioneered Tubeless Tyres and Super Singles (Wide Tyres) in the Tanzanian market and to date become the leading dealer of Michelin Products in the region.

Sustainable Player

Superdoll is committed to Building a future where business success and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously. With Michelin we believe that the future is depends on us adopting this movement to achieve sustainable growth.

At Superdoll, we prioritize delivering top-notch maintenance and support to our clients, ensuring the highest quality service. Our clients’ primary objectives revolve around maximizing the value derived from their tires, with a keen emphasis on efficiency, fuel savings, longevity, and safety.

Leveraging our deep knowledge and expertise, we are committed to assisting you in attaining these crucial goals.

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New Future Opportunities

Seamless, Limitless Technology

With Superdoll's ability to understand all the mechanisms of materials during product usage phase, Geographical Topography and Terrain, Feedback and suggestions from road users, Observations through servicing, maintenance and support we could contribute immensely to Michelin's product development.

Coupling this with Michelin's R&D and Innovation it will enable the development of highly innovative products that offer exceptional performance.

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